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How to reduce the problem of excessive repair cost of the crusher

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First, the place where the crusher is seriously worn is the position of the lining plate, and the lining plate is used as the crusher component. This part is prone to wear and tear, so the protection of the lining plate needs to be done more. For this problem, the customer can adopt the resistance. A more abrasive liner, while the operator needs to periodically check the wear of the liner.
Secondly, regarding the construction of the crushing production line, a good production line can make the crusher be used, and at the same time, it can avoid the occurrence of the wear of the parts, and at the same time waste the energy that originally caused the wear, thereby making the breaking of the material more convenient, so that the broken The machine can play better and achieve production.
Third, the production capacity problem, the production capacity of each crusher is very different, if the crusher output is too high, then it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, while good maintenance effect can improve the equipment The performance, while reducing the chance of failure, allows the device to perform better.
Fourth, regarding the problem of the wear surface of the crusher, the operator needs to do the lubrication work and reduce the friction between the two. At the same time, some parts such as the crusher bearing need to be lubricated, which can play a good role. The role, so that reducing wear has played a crucial role.

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